Review: Best local pizza options in Colorado Springs

September 19, 2016

Hannah Harvey

[email protected]

     Gooey, sizzling cheese that hangs off in stringy goodness. Red sauce, seasoned with just the right amount spices and stirred to perfection. Crunchy crust that serves as the perfect finisher to a delightful feast.

     This is pizza. Whether your like it with toppings, light sauce or with cheese-filled crust, a delicious slice excites anyone, whether it’s midnight or noon.

     Sometimes, it’s nice to try something outside the franchises. All pizza is good pizza, but just in case you were unsure, The Scribe reviewed a few pizza places downtown in case you wanted to try a bite out of a local dish.

Panino’s Downtown:

Rating: 3/5

     This Italian restaurant chain offers a variety of dishes, including their namesake, a panino, which is a rolled sandwich containing vegetables, cheese and meats.

     The restaurant also serves pasta, calzones and the all-important pizza.

     Panino’s does not serve single slices of pizza, so if you’re looking for a quick snack, the smallest dish is a four-piece pizza for $5.62.

     The friendly staff recommended that I try the downtowner, a pizza with sausage, pepperoni and mushrooms, but I opted out for a traditional pepperoni pizza.

     The menu is affordable for a college student on a budget with all you can eat pizza offered on Tuesday nights for only $8.29.

     But the pizza itself is lackluster. While the sauce offered some flavor, the cheese was tough to chew and the crust was thin. Those who love deep-dish pizza or thicker crust may be disappointed here.

     That being said, the pizza does not leave an unpleasant aftertaste, and is worth a second slice.

     The restaurant itself is quaint and friendly; it’s a good place to spend your lunch hour with a friend. Eat outside to experience the streets of downtown, as it is near the center of the city.

Louie’s Pizza

Rating: 2/5

     Louie’s Pizza is a counter-service spot that serves salads, sub sandwiches and pizza. This location is not far from UCCS and is easily accessible by North Nevada if you’re looking for a spot that’s still close to home, but far enough to take a breather from your day on campus.

     Unlike Panino’s Downtown, Louie’s Pizza serves single slices that are easy on the wallet. I ordered a single slice of pepperoni pizza costing only $2.75.

     But sadly, the pizza itself was dry with little sauce. As a sauce enthusiast, this was disappointing.

Photo by Ben Patzer: The Scribe

     The cheese was also rubbery in texture, although it had a good taste. I wish the cheese and sauce both were more fl avorful; this would’ve enhanced the pizza eating experience.

     The restaurant itself was charming, with colorful lights highlighting the shop’s logo and a couple arcade games. It reminded me of the pizza parlors of my childhood, where I would eat a pie with my family and then have fun playing in the arcades.

     Students should go here if they want a cheap quick bite and to relive some nostalgic childhood memories, but don’t stay for more than one slice.

Bambino’s Urban Pizzeria

Rating: 3.5/5

     The last, but certainly not least, was Bambino’s Urban Pizzeria, a shop specializing in pizza, pasta, salads, desserts and beverages. Those wishing to order their beloved pizza can build it by choosing the sauce, cheese and toppings.

Photo by Ben Patzer: The Scribe

     This spot was my favorite.

     Bambino’s is located on one of the busiest streets downtown, providing the perfect location for students to sit down, have a slice of pizza and experience the sights and sounds right in the middle of Colorado Springs. It is a bit of a drive, but the gas mileage is worth it.

     The location itself has a hip, urban vibe to it. Potted plants line the walls, an open concept space allows air to fl ow in and out, the shop is dimly lit and there is a statue of a chef welcoming visitors inside.

     One size fits all for any pizza that you order: 11 inches. The dough is made Neapolitan style with Caputo Flour from Italy, according to their menu. One of these pizzas costs $8.50, and it is worth (mostly) every penny.

     Like Panino’s and Louie’s, I ordered pepperoni pizza. The cheese had a very distinct flavor, almost giving off a yeast-like aftertaste.

     There was a healthy amount of sauce, which was spicy, but not damaging to the senses.

     The crust was adequate in that it wasn’t too thin or too thick. The only criticism I have is that it was quite greasy, which made for an upset stomach later. Be cautious of how many slices you eat. My personal experience: don’t eat five.