SCRIBBLE: 172,800 minutes of spring break bliss

Tu Daze 

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     (To the tune of Jonathan Larson’s “Seasons of Love”) One hundred-seventy two thousand- eight hundred minutes / One hundred-seventy two thousand-eight hundred moments so dear / One hundred-seventy two thousand-eight hundred minutes… / How do you measure, measure two days? / In pain, in homework, in me being very salty, in work, in misery, in sadness, in hate… 

     UCCS provided its students and staff with a truly incredible opportunity last month. It is not every year that you get two whole days off. A whole 48 hours to ourselves? These were our two days, and we should have lived them to the fullest.  

     Over the long, luxurious two-day spring break, I could have traveled to Alaska. The flight to Anchorage, Alaska and back to Denver is only 12 hours total, which would have left me with an entire 20 hours, including sleep, to spend in gorgeous Alaska!  

     I would get to pet one sled dog, look at a Northern Light and take a sip of hot chocolate before my flight home. If you did not go to Alaska over the break, you probably did not make the best of your two days.  

     For those of you who were concerned that two days was not enough for a proper spring break, I have compiled a list of productive things you could have done in 48 hours. All you would have needed to do was manage your time properly, and you could have actually had a great two-day break.  

  1. Watch “The Notebook” 24 times. (You will need about 16 boxes of tissues as well. I definitely don’t know this from experience…)  
  1. Read the New Testament out loud two and a half times.   
  1. Walk from Downtown Denver to Pikes Peak, hike up to the top and back down. (Who needs sleep?)  
  1. Get two-thirds of the way to the moon. 
  1. Get a tooth extraction surgery 96 times. 
  1. Run 10-12 marathons (depending on how fast you are). 
  1. If marathons aren’t your vibe, you can run 96 5Ks. 
  1. Watch half of the episodes of “The Office.” 
  1. Finish all of your missing assignments (I highly don’t recommend this option, but I had to include it for the overachievers). 
  1. Listen to “Levitating” by Dua Lipa and DaBaby on repeat 720 times. 
  1. Eat 172,800 apples (if you can eat an apple a minute). 
  1. Be in Spain but without the S.  

     I personally love two-day spring breaks where you still have homework and work to do; they are so relaxing. 

     Thank you, UCCS, for being so incredibly generous in providing us with a whole one hundred seventy two thousand eight hundred minutes to ourselves.