Senior Reflection | The Scribe gave me unexpected opportunities for professional and social growth

When I joined The Scribe as a sophomore in March of 2022, all I hoped to get out of my time was a fraction of professional experience I needed to succeed in my field. I can happily say I gained so much more than that. 

I never saw myself finding stable work during college because my search for professional experience had an odd start. 

My first year of college was completely unpredictable and all online, and a lot of the professional work I found was too. The places I worked for asked me to complete tasks on an as-needed basis, so I couldn’t get into a routine. I was eager to do consistent work and get more hands-on professional experience.  

The experience I got working at The Scribe was more valuable than I ever could have asked for.  

My role as a reporter, then news editor and now managing editor allowed me to practice and refine what I’ve learned in my communication courses; I gained well-rounded job experience by taking on leadership roles, and having the perspectives of a reporter and editor.  

I was given chances to explore more creative angles with my writing, and creating pieces on subjects I am passionate about helped me improve. I valued this so much that one of my goals as managing editor became to help others put their own creativity into their writing and aid them in writing pieces that they could be proud of.  

I also got to hear and share stories, expertise and insights from interesting sources to make some of those creative pieces happen, which allowed me to make social connections I never thought I could.  

I was able to make the most of the incredible opportunity that was attending this semester’s College Media Association conference in New York City. Interacting with people in my field alongside my coworkers felt surreal, and it wouldn’t have been the same experience if I hadn’t made community connections through interviews. 

Working in collaborative settings and getting to know new people has always been the most difficult part of journalism for me, but my coworkers made it easier.  

When I started at The Scribe, my plan was to keep my distance from the people I worked with so I could just focus on my work, get some experience and carry it into the real world. I am glad I mostly shifted away from that mindset. 

Office conversations about everything from whatever Taylor Swift is doing that has overtaken the news to how difficult chemistry is helped me feel more comfortable opening up to other people.   

I can be difficult to hold a deep conversation with sometimes and I usually keep to myself, but my coworkers have always respected my introverted nature. 

Since I joined The Scribe, I have felt valued beyond a professional level, and many of my coworkers have become my friends. They are some of the most caring people I know, and they always have an interest in getting to know me better or hearing my thoughts. Not everyone reciprocates that, and I feel lucky to have met a group of people who do. 

Along with being in an environment that encourages creativity, I’ll miss our time together and having weird conversations the most. 

Much like when I started college, I am heading into a period of great uncertainty in my life. This time, I know I have an even stronger support system than before, more professional experience and refined skills to get me through it, thanks to my time with The Scribe. With all of this in mind, I am excited to see what happens next.