SGA election results in two fee increases for students

On the week of March 4 to March 8, students voted on who will represent them in the 2024-2025 school year.

Students also voted on two ballot referendums, the Student Activity Fee increase and the Green Action Fund fee.

The Student Government election had a total of 840 voters, down 184 from last year.

Referendum Results

The SAF referendum passed with 421 students voting yes, 313 voting no and 106 abstaining.

  • The referendum increased the SAF fee from $16.06 per semester ($8.03 in the summer) to $30.40 per semester ($15.20 in the summer). This is projected to nearly double SGA’s budget for the next school year, which will help sustain their funding pool so they do not run out of funds as quickly as they did this academic year.
  • The fees will be used to fund events hosted by SGA and also clubs and organizations.

The GAF referendum passed with 464 students voting yes, 270 voting no and 106 abstaining.

  • The fee had been disqualified this academic year following an infraction made by their campaign team, but it is now back, adding a $6.39 fee for the fall and spring ($3.20 in summer). This will fund sustainability projects by students, faculty and staff on campus.
  • The GAF fee has also increased since the last time it was implemented. It used to be $5.68 for the fall and spring ($2.65 in the summer).

Candidate Results:

  • Aidan Clark and Carson Hodges won the presidential ticket. Their platform was based on fighting for better ADA accommodations on campus and supporting diversity.
  • Amanda Ford, who currently serves as director of finance, will hold the position again next year. She will manage the newly doubled budget and handle club funding.
  • Greg Abukar-Duru was elected as senator of public service, renewing his term from this past year. He plans to continue using his position to give back to the community.
  • Shivani Sharma will serve as the senator of engineering and applied science. She hopes to be a strong advocate for the student body and address student concerns to make positive changes.
  • Sam Kopessa was elected to serve as the senator of LAS for the third year. Her goal is to continue advocating and providing better representation for students.
  • Trinady Maldonado was elected as the senator of education. She hopes to foster a supportive learning environment and ensure every student has access to a quality education.
  • Ben Moses will serve as the senator of multicultural affairs for a second year. He hopes to ensure multicultural clubs can prosper on campus.
  • Aidan Burke was elected to serve as the senator of sustainability, renewing his term from this past year. He believes his engagement with the student body allows him to represent the needs of students well.
  • Brittany Iheomamere will serve as the senator of commuter students. She believes her strong communication skills and ability to collaborate will help her to advocate for students.
  • Chi Idika, Aiyanna Quinones, Hayley Crist, Emanuella Appiah, Bennett Mallott, Zachary Hoffa and Syndeed Ayman have been elected as senators-at-large.

Each candidate besides the presidential ticket was uncontested. Clark and Hodges got 459 votes, and the opposing ticket got 270 votes. There were 111 students who abstained.

Photo via The Scribe Archives