SGA senate approves 11 BAC recommendations and one senate bill

12 November 2019

Annika Schmidt

[email protected]

The senate approved 11 Budget Advisory Committee (BAC) Recommendations and one senate bill at the Nov. 7 meeting. They also heard special orders from Vice Chancellor of Student Success, Sentwali Bakari.

Bakari has accepted a position at Adelphi University in New York and will be leaving UCCS in the coming weeks. He addressed the senate to say thank you and goodbye. “I will certainly miss UCCS and I will certainly miss interacting with this body of student leadership,” Bakari said.

Student Body President JayJay Porcadilla presented Bakari with a gift basket. “Never lose that passion and drive that you have, because you really have changed a lot of us,” Porcadilla said to Bakari.

The senate heard a message from the chair regarding senate procedures, specifically Points of Information (POI). Senator of LAS Aidan Meadows reviewed the rules regarding this procedure as a result of misuse at a prior meeting. A POI is a question asked directly to the speaker.

Raven Chavez-Maltby, student director of finance, presented eleven BAC recommendations.

Club Soccer requested a total of $3,000 in conference and sport expenses. The requested amount will fund conference dues, jerseys and travel for 21 members to play eight games. If the team does well at these games, they could have the opportunity to qualify for additional conferences.

UC Lions requested $529.83 in travel expenses to fund a hotel to attend a Department of Energy CyberForce Competition. They are also planning to hold an event at a later date to inform interested students about what they learn.

The Bataan Club requested $1,396.20 in event expenses to cover travel and registration for the Bataan Memorial Death March at the White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico. The memorial march honors service members who defended the Philippines during WWII.

Tumbling and Tricking Club requested $270 in event expenses to cover the cost of multi-use entry passes to a local gym called Flipshack which specializes in gymnastics.

Asian Pacific Islander Student Union (APISU) requested $923.40 in event expenses to cover the cost of food for their Raging Asian event on Nov. 12.

The LAS Peak Ambassadors presented two BAC Recommendation proposals. The first was for $195 in advertising costs. The second was for $200 in travel costs to cover the hotel and taxi costs for one student to present research at a conference in Virginia.

The Ethics Bowl Club Team requested $650 in travel expenses to attend the AAPE Rocky Mountain regional competition on Nov. 15 and 16. The funds will cover three hotel rooms for ten members, who will form two teams for the competition.

The Snacking and Crafting Club presented two BAC Recommendation proposals. The first requested $357 to cover food and advertising costs for a DIY photo board event on Nov.14. They are partnering with the Women’s Student Association (WSA) to host the event.

Their second proposal requested $589.23 in food and advertising costs for a cookie decorating event on Dec. 3.

The WSA requested $438.95 in event expenses for the DIY photo board event.

Senator-at- Large Samuel Shuemann presented senate bill SB-15 which requested funding for catering and advertising for a new Multicultural Excursion event. The event is an attempt to bring different language and cultural clubs together.