Socialist political group on campus encourages discussion, education on socialism

October 25, 2016

Jasmine Nelson

[email protected]

     The U.S. has practiced a two-party system since 1790s with the Federalists and the Republicans. But today, some students may be considering other ideologies as the general election approaches.

     The Socialist Discussion Group is a new political group on campus. The six-member group meets Thursdays from 5-7 p.m. in the Kraemer Family Library to discuss current events and readings related to socialism.

     The group hopes to educate students on what socialism is, and attract enough students to become an official club on campus. Right now, the group has three students and three outside community members who participate in the club.

     The Marxist definition of socialism can be defined by workers controlling the amount of production that takes place in society, said Gabe Palcic, founder of the Socialist Discussion Group.

     “That means democratic control of the economy by those who produce the wealth of that economy,” said Palcic, a junior political science and economics major.

     The group discusses economics, politics and readings that are fundamental to Marxist socialism. No reading is required for those who wish to participate in the meetings since the group emphasizes current happenings in the news, said Palcic.

     “There’s a lot to keep up with in current events. That’s why we dedicate probably one-fifth of each two-hour study session to current events.”

     After taking an interest in socialist theory while reading history books, Palcic began holding discussions about socialism at CSU Pueblo. Palcic transferred to UCCS this semester and brought his goals for a socialist club along with him.

     “It’s a really complicated ideology with a long and vast history. It’s founded on a scientific doctrine, which (Karl) Marx and (Friedrich) Engels outlined,” said Palcic.

     More information can be found by contacting [email protected].