Spikeball welcomed back as part of intramural tournament series on Alpine Field

September 12, 2016

Brandon Umpleby

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     People who want to unwind while finding one-day events to participate in without the need to compete can be found at Alpine Field.

     The first intramural Spikeball tournament took place on Sept. 8 on Alpine Field.

     Every one-day intramural tournaments, including spikeball, are free to students and guests of students starting this semester. Tournaments are Thursday evenings at Alpine Field or the Rec Center.

     Spikeball is a hands-only sport that involves a miniature trampoline, where two players to a team get three chances to smack the ball down into the trampoline. If it takes more than three hits to hit the ball on the trampoline, then the other team gets a point.

     Once the foam ball bounces off the trampoline, the ball is in play to either team. If it hits the ground, the team that did not touch the ball last gets the point. The winning score is to 21.

Photo by Ben Pratzer: The Scribe

     This is the first time in two years that the school was able to host an Intramural Spikeball Tournament, according to Skyler Cook, campus recreation coordinator of competitive sports.

     Inclement weather conditions prevented the teams from playing in recent semesters.

     “I’m just glad we were able to finally host this sport again. It’s a lot of fun and gives the students here a chance to participate in something different,” said Cook.

     Students that have a competitive streak have an option to join a spikeball league which lasts four weeks, followed by playoffs. Students involved in the league pay a fee and play every week, according to Cook.

     An exact price for the spikeball league is unknown. But other leagues, like 6v6 volleyball, usually range from $30-$50 per team, Cook said.

     Every one-day intramural tournament at Alpine Field brings friends together, which allows them to introduce each other to other students.

     This also gives students a chance to play sports without the intimidation of crowds or competition, according to freshman business major Matt Haney.

     “I don’t see it as a completive sport, mainly because of the innovation and creativity around the sport. I’m looking forward to playing in one of the tournaments,” said Haney.

     Besides spikeball, there are many other one-day tournaments to look forward to this semester, with other sports that range from badminton to basketball.

     For a full list of these scheduled sports and tournaments go to imleagues.com/uccs to sign up for free.