SPORTS OPINION | Tom Brady shouldn’t throw away family for football

Ultimatum: defined as a statement of terms or rejection that results in a breakdown of relations. For Tom Brady and his wife, Gisele Bündchen, their terms and conditions might result in a grim dispute.

Having a successful career is important, but when you make the commitment to start a family, you are dedicating yourself to family first. Being present provides more support for your family than making over a million dollars in a season.

After retiring from the NFL last season, Brady went home to his family briefly before returning to his team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, for the next season. The decision to return to his career caused tension in Brady and Bündchen’s marriage, according to reports.

Both leading successful careers, Bündchen balances her home and work life and makes time to put her family first before her career. Brady, on the other hand, would apparently rather focus on his career than stick to retirement and be present for his family.

Bündchen allegedly gave Brady an ultimatum — and has valid reasons. If he isn’t willing to move on from a sport he has already put in 23 professional seasons toward, not including his collegiate career, then Bündchen should force him to make a decision.

My parents were in a similar situation when my dad was bowling in a competitive league. He would go to work, then straight to bowling and come home late. This left my mom to take care of my siblings and me by herself, causing tension in their relationship.

After discussing the impacts bowling had on our family, my dad made the decision to quit bowling. He was able to attend more events and generally be around us more. Since this decision, my parents’ relationship has never been better. The relationship between my dad and me also became stronger after he stopped bowling.

Brady and Bündchen are in this similar situation because a successful career is important, but when your success has peaked, it’s time to put your family first and make sacrifices to make your family happy.

Brady is financially stable; he doesn’t need to stay in the NFL.

Commitment: defined as the state of being dedicated to a cause. Brady has established his commitment to his team over his family, pushing Bündchen to make the ultimate decision of choosing herself and her kids over her husband.

Brady needs to retire from the NFL and stay retired.

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