Staff Picks: Fun things on our desks 

As the semester is rapidly approaching a close, many of us are spending more and more time at our desks studying for finals, working on papers or preparing presentations. One can learn a lot about a person through the company they keep … or the knick-knacks they have at their desk. Here are some of the things that characterize us at The Scribe. 

Ellie Myers | Associate Editor  

My favorite item on my work desk is a “Pride and Prejudice” snow globe my grandma got for me. When I get frustrated with my work, I can shake it and watch everything settle down. 

Tom Baker | Sports Editor 

He watches over me and keeps me on task. 

Scotty Dunne | Podcast & Video Editor 

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This little guy is a hand-carved figurine of Toothless from “How to Train Your Dragon” my mom got me a little while ago. It’s one of my favorite movies and this little dude looks super cool on my desk. 

Kate Marlett | Copy Editor 

Like the proud ARMY (BTS fan) that I am, I keep an RM Funko POP at my desk. Every time I get discouraged or overwhelmed with the workload, I am reminded of how hard RM and all of BTS works every day. Never give up! 

Ella Barry | Reporter 

I have this cute little pear-shaped bowl that I keep hand cream in. I’m obsessed with it. It’s life changing. 

Olivia Nordyke | Reporter 

My coworker Brenna invented this game where you try to throw magnetic beads at a sticky note and get three in a row, sort of like tic tac tow meets connect four.