Staff Picks: Halloween Costumes: The academic review  

Halloween is great because you get to dress up like anything you want and most people won’t judge you. However, after Halloween, we get to live with the consequences of our actions.  

Here’s the academic rating of our Scribe Halloween costumes.  

Luke Swift | Features Editor  

Nothing… cry me a river. I’m just going to watch “Halloween” like I do every year.  

Rating: Luke is pulling off “apathetic college student” very well. Crying lots of rivers. 0/10.  

Lexi Petri | Digital Editor  

I am going to be a Hufflepuff Quidditch team captain, and my boyfriend will be the Gryffindor team captain with our matching shirts.  

Rating: Ravenclaws for the win. 10 points from Gryffindor and Hufflepuff.  

Kate Marlett | Copy Editor  

I’m going to be Spider-Gwen from “Spider-Man: Across the Spiderverse.” Not only is it one of the greatest films of all time, but I also love Gwen’s character and her costume design.   

Rating: I haven’t seen the new one yet. 5/10.  

Olivia Nordyke | Reporter  

I always have a million amazing Halloween costume ideas November-August and don’t write them down. I should start keeping a list in my phone. This year I settled on Drag-ula. Drag queen Dracula.  

Rating: Was Dracula not already a drag queen? 7/10.  

Zee O’Donnell | Reporter  

I am dressing up as Allan from the Barbie movie this year! I mean, I’m basically Michael Cera with glasses.  

Rating: Nice, but Allan doesn’t get higher than a 4. It’s what he would want. 4/10.  

Syanna Santago-Smith | Reporter  

I’m going to be a vampire!  

Rating: In drag, I hope. 6/10.  

Ella Barry | Reporter  

I’m dressing up as Ella Enchanted!  

Rating: Saw your chance and took it. 9/10.  

Meghan Germain | Photographer  

I am going to be a devil this year! One of my friends was able to find a giant red fur coat while thrifting. It was too perfect!  

Rating: You found a giant red fur coat and didn’t want to be Cruella Deville Elmo edition? Missed opportunity, Meghan. 2/10.  

Neako Hallisey | Artist  

Black suit Spider-Man.  

Rating: Still haven’t seen the new one. 5/10.  

Graphic by Neako Hallisey.