Student band Static Point aims to revitalize local pop punk scene

March 13, 2018

Eric Friedberg

[email protected]

    Sometimes, getting lost inside a rowdy mosh pit is all you need to de-stress from professors assigning you last minute assignments, and having to work on frustrating team projects. Local band Static Point wants to give students that opportunity.

    Connor Barnes, a political science and philosophy double major at UCCS, created Static Point in hopes to form a loyal fan base and bring the rebellious punk rock genre to Manitou Springs.

    Barnes, who serves as guitarist, is joined by Tyler and Justin Waite. Justin serves as the band’s vocalist, while Tyler plays bass. According to Tyler, the only position left to fill is the drummer. The three were brought together by a flyer posted on campus.

      After writing music in his room, Justin created a handful of concept songs that he showed to his brother. Tyler then suggested the idea of forming a band.

     “We believe music is a great way to express yourself in your own unique way,” said Tyler.    

    Inspired by the hard rock band Rise Against, Tyler explains that Static Point wants to pursue music professionally.

    “Our long-term plans are touring, performing at Warped Tour, Battle of the Bands, and playing with other bands similar to ours,” he said.

    While being in a professional punk rock band might seem like a lot to handle with a full load of classes, Barnes seems to find it as a means of escape.

    “Music has always been a huge part of my life. I’ve played various instruments going back as far back as I can remember, especially guitar. It really helps me relax and collect myself at the end of the day. I wouldn’t really be myself without it,” Barnes said.      

    With venues like the Flux Capacitor, a DIY venue specifically designed for punk rockers, being shut down, pop punk bands may not have accessibility to reaching an audience.

    Static Point aims to change that by finding new methods of songwriting and improving the counterculture to go along with the genre.

    “We haven’t heard of much punk rock around the area. As we perform, we hope to inspire others to start playing more punk rock locally,” said Tyler.

    For more information about Static Point, visit their Facebook page.