Student leader Frimpong aims for finance career

    UCCS senior Jerome Frimpong is from Ghana in West Africa. He has lived in the United States since he was five years old and studies accounting and computer science with the goal to open an investment bank. 

     “I’m pursuing a degree in accounting and computer science because I hope to start my own investment bank,” Frimpong wrote via email. “[The] main objective [would be] to use the excess revenue generated to fund public and global initiatives to promote the welfare of communities and the advancement of science and technology in the world.”  

     Frimpong is the SGA senator of business, a member of Kappa Alpha Psi and VP of the African Student Association in addition to being a resident assistant on campus. He will also do a summer internship with JP Morgan Chase as a summer analyst. 

     “My top 3 college and life highlights are (1) becoming a member of Kappa Alpha Psi the only NPHC Fraternity on this campus (2) Becoming a JP Morgan Summer Analysts, and (3) Becoming the Vice President of African Student Association and throwing one of the biggest events on campus, Journey to Africa,” Frimpong said.  

     Short-term,  Frimpong plans to graduate from UCCS and continue his studies in finance at University of Texas at Austin. He wants to work for an investment bank as an analyst and eventually open his own investment bank. 

     When asked who inspires him, Frimpong said, “My inspiration comes from my friends and family who have always been an integral part of my success and have supported me and constantly challenge me to want more for myself.” 

     Frimpong’s favorite quote comes from a verse in the Bible: “Faith without works is dead.” He said that this quote has “pushed [him] to back [his] dreams and aspiration with action to ensure they come true.”  

Jerome Frimpong. Photo courtesy of Jerome Frimpong.