“Happy dead week @UCCS! May the stress of finals continue to grow everyday” @LttleMermaid95 “Actually excited to go to orientation in dallas for uccs to see all the people joiningRead more >

May 2, 2016 “Whoever is on the UCCS radio playing all the island music you’re my favorite. #uccs #clydes” @FelizLuna “What’s this ‘dead week’ thing everyone keeps talking about. IRead more >

April 25, 2016 “I got 3 more years left and don’t see myself making it through UCCS they are so unorganized” @ChelsooRuthless “UCCS has so many damn hills on campusRead more >

Mar. 14, 2016 @jmemaybe “Just found out I was nominated for educator of the year at #UCCS.” @egberrrs “Listening to Linda Hogan, director of @UCCSSustainable speak about sustainability at @UCCSRead more >

Feb. 1, 2016 @laurieworks “Gotta say I’m loving having access to the UCCS Rec Center again… ran a mile, did some stair steppin, and swam. Feeling GREAT.” @raquelrazo4 “Ashley justRead more >

Nov. 3, 2014 “Just registered for my final semester! #almostdone #uccs” @jacoblebbst “I got the job! #salaried #UCCS” @Count_Andrew “UCCS Parking. May the odds be ever in your favor. #uccs  #uccsparking #ridiculous” @jessisueRead more >

“I played #quiddich yesterday at #uccs best day ever. Also i got to play the snitch it was awesome. Can’t wait until i get to do it again.” @OtakuQueen95 “Got my secondRead more >