Take advantage of the Career Center, job fairs to learn professionalism

October 17, 2017

Quinita Thomas

[email protected]

    Before we begin the transition to college, most of us take advantage of opportunities that help acquaint us with our new environment at college.

    College fairs help students narrow the direction they want to take post-graduation, while workshops  engage students in writing applications for their dream school.

    If incoming students attended these events, they might have a better idea of how to succeed in school. But those who did not may feel lost as to where to begin for planning their career.

    These students might have a good idea as to how to reach their desired degree, but have no footing on how to write a cover letter or a resume to a company. Professionalism is a highly valued trait among employers; dressing well, speaking clearly and being prepared show that you will thrive in the job.

    But this is a skill that can be tough to learn for students. The Career Center and the job fairs they host give them a chance to plan ahead.

    The center offers special events, like interviews with employers, career fairs, panels, mock interviews and more to help students develop this sense of professionalism.

    I learned about the importance of professionalism, while attending a Linked-In event hosted by the center in last spring. Through this workshop, I learned how to be more aware of what I put on my social media.

    A photo of you holding a beer at a party with your friends might seem appropriate for a college student, but not a potential employee. Objectionable posts on social media are red flags.

   If we students have a Linked-In account, they can post all of our professional photos and information on there. This way, when employers are curious and would like to know more, they can easily take a poke at the Linked-In profile instead of Facebook or Twitter.

    On Thursdays, students can also drop by the Career Center, located in Main Hall 201, for a walk-in appointment to receive constructive criticism on their resumes.

    Students can come in at any time for advice to make these resumes strong.

    The job fair at UCCS, held once every year, is also a good chance to use these. This event is also hosted by the Career Center. This is the perfect opportunity for students to bring resumes and fill out applications for any jobs that interest them, even if it isn’t exactly the line of work they want to enter.

    The center is also a great resource for ideas on what to wear and what to say when applying for jobs. They  provide mock interviews, so that students know how to answer tough questions and what to ask in return.,

    Through the career center, you can also look into the possibilities for internships, which provide an even better picture of a certain career.

    Do not let this resource go to waste while you have it. Build your professionalism now before you the big interview.