The Sports Buzz: Buzz Kill

March 9, 2009

Dion Armijo

Alex Rodriguez does steroids, puts up monster numbers and stays healthy. Alex Rodriguez gets off steroids and needs surgery on his injured hip. Coincidence? Well, it could be; I am not in the accusation business, but any hindrance to the New York Yankees is good news to me. A-Roid is out for ten weeks, max, and that certainly kills the Yankees. They don’t call him Mr. May for nothing. A-Rod is widely known for having a great first half of the season – April and May. He routinely chokes down the stretch, but his early season numbers translate to wins early on. Now the Yankees don’t have that – they just have second half A-Rod, which means mediocre A-Rod. So you can shove your big contracts New York, because once again you won’t win. I’ve got my money on the Kansas City Royals.