The Sports Buzz: Buzz Kill

March 9, 2009

Dion Armijo
[email protected]

Alex Rodriguez does steroids, puts up monster numbers and stays healthy. Alex Rodriguez gets off steroids and needs surgery on his injured hip. Coincidence? Well, it could be; I am not in the accusation business, but any hindrance to the New York Yankees is good news to me. A-Roid is out for ten weeks, max, and that certainly kills the Yankees. They don’t call him Mr. May for nothing. A-Rod is widely known for having a great first half of the season – April and May. He routinely chokes down the stretch, but his early season numbers translate to wins early on. Now the Yankees don’t have that – they just have second half A-Rod, which means mediocre A-Rod. So you can shove your big contracts New York, because once again you won’t win. I’ve got my money on the Kansas City Royals.