Things to do for Halloween if you’re too old to trick-or-treat

Caitlyn Dieckmann 

[email protected] 

     Welcome to spooky season — that one time of year where candy is readily available at every store, pumpkins are scattered across every doorstep and haunted houses have popped up everywhere.  

     At this point in your college career, you have probably discovered that you can no longer receive candy from a stranger simply by threatening to play tricks on them after ringing their doorbell.  

     You could put on your best costume and go to any of the numerous parties that college students often take advantage of… But that option may not be feasible for you, especially if you are immunocompromised and don’t want to put yourself at risk.  

     So, what now? Where can you find some spooky fun to entertain yourself on Halloween?  

     Disclaimer: The ideas below are not recommended for ghosts, goblins, creatures of the night, and especially not vampires or werewolves.  

Just do the old-fashioned thing and hand out candy 

     Yes, I get it. You’re older now and have surpassed the age for trick-or-treating. It’s almost a given that you have now been tasked with the adult responsibility of handing out candy. But this can be surprisingly fun when you get to see the different kids — monsters — that knock at your door.  

Halloween movie marathon 

     Movie marathons are usually my go-to when I have nothing else to do. Halloween, however, provides a special type of marathon. Hocus Pocus, Disney Halloween originals, slasher films, you name it. The possibilities are truly endless given our society’s obsession with horror.  

Haunted house hopping 

     Some popular options that usually kill it are Colorado’s Haunted Mines and Hellscream. Both are located in Colorado Springs. However, if you do some research, you may be able to find some cheaper pop-up haunted houses. Escape rooms are also available at Hellscream if you’re feeling like an adrenaline junkie.  

Spooky photoshoot 

     Grab a couple of friends, some carved pumpkin heads and old white bedsheets. There is no better time to go out in complete darkness so you can capture some creepy shots. Obviously, this is perfect for your next Instagram post, so just go do it.  

Family and friends costume contest 

     It’s not lame if everyone is having fun. Your closest family and friends may also thank you for giving them a fun idea to entertain them throughout all the doorbell ringing. Plus, everyone deserves some friendly competition, and who doesn’t like dressing up?