TOP 5: Ways to mourn the end of summer

August 29, 2017

Kaylee Cleaver

[email protected]

    This time of the year, students may be beginning to feel the end-of-summer blues. So how can a student end the summer without a feeling of allconsuming dread? Easy.

    A student must burn all of their summer clothes. This is Colorado; it’s so cold during the winter that any form of heat will do. Burning summer clothes may provide enough warmth to last a student until it’s time to turn the heater on.

    Invest in fur-lined hiking boots. Every Coloradan needs a good, warm pair of hiking boots for those mandatory snowy hikes.

    Embrace your inner granola and make yourself a good vegan granola for the above hikes. The higher you get, the hungrier you’ll get.

    Buy some green chilies from Pueblo too, because in Colorado, everyone’s mom makes “the best” green chili around.

    And don’t forget to welcome the fall with open arms; purchase your first pumpkin spice latte of the year, and crack open those textbooks. It’s time to study.