Torchy’s Tacos offers Tex-Mex variety for decent price

3 out of 5 stars 

     Who can say no to a taco? Or Sangria? Or a margarita? I know I can’t. And that is why my one love when I lived in Texas was Torchy’s Tacos. And now, four years later, my one love is here in Colorado Springs.  

     My only concern prior to going to Torchy’s was if it would live up to the expectations I had built up in the years since I lived in Texas. I had joked before about how Torchy’s was my depression comfort food. I once spent my last $15 just so I could eat at the place (never come to me for financial advice).   

     However, the new Colorado Springs location did not live up to all those tacos I had back in Texas. It is still a relatively new location, and sometimes these things take time to blossom. I visited the location twice to ensure that I gave the restaurant the benefit of the doubt.  

     I do want to begin by saying for people who want an authentic taco — it is not at Torchy’s. They offer Tex-Mex. As someone who grew up with authentic Mexican food, I do not enter Torchy’s expecting my grandmother’s home cooking. So, please do not judge it based on this fact, because they do not pretend to be anything different.  

     The first time I went to Torchy’s was right when they opened at 10 a.m. to order a breakfast taco and a lunch taco to experience both. I ordered the potato, egg and cheese taco and my favorite taco there: the fried avocado taco, a staple back in Texas.  

     With a 20% tip, my total was $9.83. The tacos are stuffed, which makes it worth the money.  

     The breakfast taco was by far my favorite, and the cheaper of the two. I am a big believer that if you have a potato, egg and cheese taco, you need to add a lot of cheese — and they do not skimp out on cheese. They even add their famous queso on top of shredded cheese. A tomatillo sauce is also included on the side. 

     The avocado taco was not the same. The fried avocado I remembered was covered in batter and fried to death, but this time it felt as if they just dipped the avocado in oil for a second and took it out.  However, the poblano sauce is the perfect complement to the avocado’s flavor.  

     I left not feeling like I went through the full Torchy’s experience. So, about a week later I went again and ordered corn and flour, and I went for the potato, egg and cheese for both.  

     I will admit that I never tried their corn tortilla before, and I enjoyed it more. Corn tortillas are normally my jam, but for some reason Torchy’s always struck me as a flour establishment first. Boy, was I wrong.  

     I would recommend everyone to try Torchy’s. They have a large enough menu that you will be able to find something you like — choose from their Trailer Park taco that has a fried chicken on it; Mr. Orange, which has blackened salmon; and of course, their politically themed tacos: the Republican and the Democrat.  

     What makes Torchy’s great is that they have a selection of food, alcohol and a damn good queso. Try the corn tortillas and then try the flour tortillas. Go for a burrito. Their wide selection of items makes it worth trying. 

     Escape your comfort zone and head to Torchy’s!  

Torchy’s Tacos, the Texas chain restaurant, made its debut in Colorado Springs. Torchy’s is located at 1358 Interquest Pkwy. Photo by Taylor Burnfield.