UCCS Chief of police Brian McPike retires, transfers to El Paso County Sheriff’s Department

UCCS chief of police Brian McPike retired from the Department of Public Safety on Aug. 23.

McPike, who was chief of police since Sept. 8, 2014, transferred to the El Paso County Sheriff’s Department as a civilian employee on Aug. 26.

The interim chief is Lt. Marc Pino and the interim deputy chief is police Lt. Clay Garner. A search committee will be made up of public safety staff to find permanent replacements next year.

“With the year that we have had, we are going to give it a little time before we start the search so more members of the department can participate,” said Pino.

Students should not notice any change in policy or daily interactions with campus police, according to Pino.

“It will be the same officers on the ground doing the same types of patrols, the same community policing that we value here.”

The police on campus care a great deal about the students and their fellow staff.

“I’m here because I love the kids.” Pino said. He also added that if there were further questions or concerns Pino can be directed at [email protected] or by phone at 255-5919.