UCCS Film Festival offers opportunities to showcase film

May 1, 2018

Olivia Langley

[email protected]

Local film enthusiasts don’t have to travel to an upscale film festival this summer. Instead, they can celebrate the work of their peers at UCCS’ annual student-led film festival.

    The UCCS Film Club will host the 18th Annual UCCS Student Short Film Festival on May 5 in the Chapman Recital Hall at the Ent Center for the Arts. The event, which starts at 2:30 p.m., will showcase student film submissions.

    This year’s festival is to the first to take place in the Ent Center, according to Robert von Dassanowsky, director of the Film Studies. In order for a film to be considered, students must submit their work to the Student Life and Leadership desk by May 3.

    “Submissions are open to any short film that are 15 minutes or less, provided that the director or writer is a UCCS student,” said von Dassanowsky. Genres that will be considered include experimental, comedy, drama, horror, thriller, fantasy and documentary.

    Junior film studies major Erynn Mitchell, one of the board members coordinating this event, said that the event offers students a good forum to present their perspectives.

    “Students can showcase their work and support others. Film offers students a unique way to show their perspective and tell stories and I always love seeing that,” said Mitchell.

    Brent Wilkerson, sophomore political science major, is the president of the UCCS Film Club. He is working with the VAPA film studies students to coordinate the event. According to Wilkerson, the event will not only showcase student works, but provide an evening of entertainment for the attendees.

   “Activities include watching the film, having ‘Audience Choice’ awards for each film in their respective genre and eating some food,” said Wilkerson.

    “Trophies will be given based on both committee judging that happens the night before the festival, as well as audience choice awards. Both rounds will be by secret ballot.”

    The festival has always been run by students. Von Dassanowsky believes that students contribute to the high quality of films and event planning associated with the festival.

    “The growth of the event has been astounding. As the faculty adviser, I am very proud that it has remained student run, inclusive and collaborative, and ultimately, for the continuously superb quality of the films,” von Dassanowsky said.

    Dassanowsky stated that student films premiered at this event have gone on to earn much success.

    “Many of the previous films shown, have gone on to official screenings and awards at national and international festivals,” he said.

    Mitchell and Wilkerson would also agree that the film festival is important for students.

    “(The festival) showcases the brilliant work of the students and lovers of film. This is a local display of art that students can’t find anywhere else for free,” said Wilkerson.