UCCS most ‘Instagrammed’ college in Colorado

Cambrea Hall  

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3 September 2019

     From the UCCS campus, students can snap a stunning shot of a Colorado sunset over Pikes Peak. And, less than fifteen miles separates UCCS students from capturing the iconic red stone formations of Garden of the Gods. The campus also has many picturesque spots, such as the marble mountain lion statue in the middle of El Pomar Plaza. The beauty of the surrounding area and the campus itself has earned UCCS some major social media credit.  

     UCCS was named the most “Instagrammed” campus in Colorado due to the hashtag #UCCS being used more than 43,086 times on Instagram.  

     UCCS earned the title of most “Instagrammed” according to a data analysis of hashtags on college campuses of 7,000 students or more, executed by AT&T’s All Home Connections. 

     “It’s great that we got attention from news outlets and the community, and I think we have the most hashtags because our campus has such a photogenic view and landscape,” said Social Media Specialist Bradley Benedetti via email.  

     “Students are excited [to] show where they are and what they are up to if they are riding through Garden of the Gods or climbing the peak, they still feel a desire to tag us, and the community, staff and faculty know us as #UCCS, whereas other universities might go by their full name AND shorter hashtag or sports slogan.”  

     UCCS launched their new ad campaign, UCCS Fuels Success, early last year. Benedetti believes that the university’s growing presence on social media is important to that campaign.  

     “Our goal as an institution on social media is to bring awareness to the community, students, parents, faculty and alumni by showing what we are about as a campus and how we ‘fuel success’, so being the most instagrammed campus is something to be excited about,” said Benedetti.  

     UCCS is among other colleges that made the most “Instagrammed” in their state, including Yale, Harvard, Princeton and Brown University.