UCCS names campus poplar top tree of the year

2 April 2019

Scarlet Oak

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    Students have voted and the results are in for the top-rated tree of the year.

    The UCCS best-rated tree of the year is located outside the Kraemer Family Library on campus. This tree is a one of a kind poplar and many of its supporters had only great things to say about it.

    As students walk past this tall and strong-standing tree while heading to classes, their eyes are drawn to the surrounding greenery. It is hard not to notice such a magnificent piece of nature when it captures the eyes of all wanderers.

    The dimensions of the tree have been calculated and are extraordinary. The poplar stretches to a grand total of 200 feet up into the air, and the circumference totals to 18.89 inches, making it one of the most sturdy of its kind.

    There are many descriptions and words people use to describe this tree, and some of the comments are worth noting.

    One person noticed the drastic changes throughout the entire body of the tree and commented, “there is so much change throughout the tree it’s unbelievable. It starts off so thin and brown and blossoms into so many luscious green leaves as I look up. It’s just incredible what mother nature can do. She is really looking out for me.”

    The tree starts off with a rough textured bark that is quite heavy to the touch. The brown color really emphasizes the health of the tree.

    About five feet off the ground is a thin branch that is the first of many. This branch has many blossoming leaves already as the tree is feeling the spring sun.

    Further up the trunk widens and makes room for more nature. Several more branches follow, and they become sturdier.

    A treeologist expert named Spruce Evergreen came to campus to give a detailed presentation on what all this tree has to offer. “The roots give so much detail on the soul of the tree. This tree has been around for more than 52 years and will live for many more.”

    Evergreen went on to say that the location of where the tree sits helps to keep it in good shape. “With so many students walking right by or even sitting under the tree for shade, the tree feels a sense of worth and self-appreciation, allowing it to live on for decades.”

    Not only do students help the tree, but the tree helps the students in more ways than known.

    Campus studies show the oxygen level on campus has been cleaner and higher since around the time the poplar was brought onto the UCCS campus in 1967.

    The wellness center described the health conditions students suffer from and how this tree could be better than some of the other treatments.

     “On top of the beauty displayed by the “Pikes Peak Poplar,” the health benefits we have seen are spectacular.” Students have reported the closer they are to the tree, the more energized they become and healthier they feel.

    This tree is helping out the UCCS community in many ways and will hopefully continue to bring light and joy into people’s lives. The poplar is in good shape, and anyone walking by is asked to send positive vibes in the Pikes Peak Poplar’s direction so it can live on for many more decades to come.