UCCS Softball season recap, upcoming games

Julia Elbert 

[email protected] 

     The UCCS Softball team currently has a 13-17 total record and a 12-14 conference record.  

     Despite their current losing record, the team still has time to pull together a winning season. The Mountain Lions recently played Denver Metropolitan University and lost all four games. The team also swept Black Hills State University for all four games earlier in the season. 

     The season started off with a win against Fort Lewis, leaving the game with a 3-1 score. The win-streak came to an end and the team continued with a losing streak of five games.  

     To pull them from the losing streak was the sweep against Black Hills State. They played two games against Chadron State on March 8, one win of 9-7 and one loss of 7-10.  

     There have been two main pitchers for the season: Braelyne Crenshaw, a redshirt sophomore from Aurora, and Lexi Rayburn, a redshirt sophomore from Bennett.  

     Crenshaw has played in 15 games, with an Earned Runs Allowed (ERA) of a 4.98 with 57 strikeouts, 87 hits allowed and 32 bases on balls (BB). Rayburn has played in 13 games. She sits with an ERA of 4.57 with 40 strikeouts, 38 hits and 24 BB.  

     In terms of hitting, there are three top hitters for the Mountain Lions: Solana Martinez, a sophomore from California; Briana Santos, a redshirt freshman from California; and Maddie Unrein, a freshman from Centennial.  

     Martinez is at the top of the lineup with a .402 batting average, including 37 hits with 92 at bats. Santos is second with a .388 batting average, 40 hits with 103 at bats, and Unrein is sitting at third with a .296 batting average, 8 hits and 27 at bats.  

     The Mountain Lions’ defense has a team average of .952 fielding percentage with their opponents for the season sitting at an average of a .970 fielding percentage. The team has 41 errors for the season but makes up for it with 573 put outs. 

      Taylor White, a graduate student catcher, has five throw down put outs out of a total of 26 attempts by the other teams. Santos has four put outs out of seven attempted steals on her from other teams.  

       The team is playing at Colorado Mesa the weekend of April 17, and will play in a series of four games, two on Saturday at 12 p.m. and 2 p.m., and two on Sunday at 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. You can livestream the games at this link.   

Photo courtesy of GoMountianLions.com