Voices of UCCS: spring break plans

19 March 2019

Brianna Kraemer

[email protected]

    Spring break is only a few days away, which brings a sigh of relief to many students. As midterms wrap up and the excitement for a week off of classes ramps up, students have a variety of plans coming up.

    Walking around campus and asking people what they are doing over their break is just what I did, and the results include a variety of activities and trips across the country.

    Over 50 UCCS students responded to a short survey on their plans over the break. The questions were helpful to get an insight on all of the things people will be doing.  

    At 36%, the majority of students said they will just be hanging out during their break with little to no plans. Next, 27% of respondents said they will be working during the break. 20% of students surveyed said they will be going on vacation and some other people said they will be going skiing or snowboarding, doing homework and going home.

    About 70% of respondents said they will be staying in Colorado, while the rest will be going out of the state or out of the county. The majority of students will be spending most of their time with family and some friends. Others will be spending time with their roommates, co-workers and boy or girlfriend.

    Some students commented on their plans, saying they will be with family and friends in Cancun, several people going to California, sleeping, relaxing and dog-sitting.

    Talking more specifically with some students on campus, the following people commented on what their break will entail.

    Jess Rants, a freshman majoring in criminal justice, replied, “Well that is a great question, I don’t even know that answer.” She continued on to explain that she will go home to Highlands Ranch and will most likely be working.

    Evan Graff ,who is a freshman, is also majoring in criminal justice. He says that he will be heading to Missouri for spring break. He is on the UCCS track team and will be racing at a meet there.

    Alessandra Wallisch is a senior and works at the student life center. She will be graduating in May with a degree in communications. She said that she is going to San Diego for fun with her friend. She will be hanging out at the beach and enjoying her first time ever being in San Diego.

    Finally, Kevyn Kelso, a sophomore majoring in electrical engineering and is a part of Young Life College and has been for about a year and a half, plans on going to San Diego as well over the week-long break. The club is taking a trip to San Diego and will be staying right on the beach. “It’s gonna be the best week of the year,” said Kelso.

    He is planning on surfing, being with friends and spending lots of time on the beach in the sun. Kelso went on the trip last year as well and is looking forward to being back.

    People all around us have exciting things going on in their lives not only during spring break, but also in the months to follow.

   This break will hopefully give people the time they need to be refreshed with roommates, classes and the day-to-day routine we can tend to get stuck in.

    So many plans, big or small, will occur in everyone’s lives the week of break and will help give students a push of encouragement before the last month and a half of the semester. Students will hopefully get back refreshed and ready for seven more weeks of school.