What Venus and Mars in Aquarius means (with memes) 

     Since last December, Venus and Mars have been traveling side-by-side in earth sign Capricorn, urging us to put our noses to the grindstone and get s— done — both in life and in love. While the dual earth transits have (hopefully) helped us get organized and strengthen our self-worth, they were also kind of boring. Well, life’s about to liven up because on March 6, both Venus and Mars enter friendly and fitful air sign Aquarius.  

     By now you probably know that Venus is the planet of love, beauty, values and money, and Mars is the planet of action, passion, energy and enterprise. As both planets shift out of Capricorn and into Aquarius, they’re bringing a shift in the values and energy of the collective.  

     Since Venus affects our relationship preferences and personal style, the planet’s jaunt through Aquarius will change not only how we relate with others but also how we dress.  

     In Capricorn, Venus was straight-laced if not a bit stuffy, but when the planet enters Aquarius, it lets its freak flag fly. So, if after March 6, you feel like ditching your starched button-downs and side-parted ‘do for bowling shirts and frosted tips, you’ll know why.  

     Still, Venus in Aquarius promises to do more for our social lives and relationships, too.  

     This transit brings out a collective fascination with all things futuristic and eccentric. We’re also very curious about other people and seek out stimulating mental exchanges. If ever there’s a time for light-hearted debates about whether aliens are real, it’s during Venus in Aquarius.       

     With Venus in Aquarius we’re more concerned with our freedom —  mental, physical and emotional. Sure, you may be interested in and connecting with tons of new people (especially since conversations will be light and breezy) but you’ll flee if things feel too stuffy or sentimental.    

     As long as you keep your interactions friendly and give yourself plenty of freedom, you’ll enjoy Venus in Aquarius from now until the love planet enters Pisces on April 5.  

     With Mars in Aquarius, our energies waver from friendly to frantic and fixated as quickly as the wind blows. Rather than working/exercising/studying in a super organized and methodical way like we did during Mars in Capricorn, this transit of Mars in Aquarius will help us to take a break and put more effort into our social lives and humanitarian causes.  

     Work that doesn’t stimulate our imagination or give us an opportunity to socialize with other people will be really hard to do during Mars in Aquarius. Mars is an enlivening planet that brings lots of action and momentum to the area of life ruled by the zodiac sign through which it transits. It can also raise hell (i.e., throw a fit or get depressed) if its energies aren’t expressed constructively.  

     Since Aquarius is the sign of technology, the future and all things nerdy, Mars will bring a swell of interest in STEM topics and tech activities. So, don’t be surprised if you suddenly get obsessed with robots, sci-fi movies or buying yourself a top rated smartphone. Social media (also an Aquarius-ruled area of life) could see more activity during this transit as well.  

     Air and fire signs will particularly enjoy Venus and Mars in Aquarius because they bring more nights out with your friends or partner(s), more desire to chase your loftiest goals and maybe a few long-distance trips. 

     While Venus and Mars in Aquarius will encourage you earth and water signs to analyze your feelings (ew), your intimate relationships and/or your spending habits and career goals.