Where to find cheap books in COS if you’ve TAAPED out 

UCCS’ new “low cost” textbook program TAAP is the campus’ latest bout of controversy as students return to classes, with many considering whether or not they should TAAP out, or opt out, of the program. If you’ve chosen to TAAP out, there are many other options located across Colorado Springs.  

New/used bookstores are dying businesses, but they still offer students the chance to get their books on location for cheaper than the UCCS bookstore and the cost of waiting for backordered books to arrive from Amazon. Colorado Springs has many bookstores that stand out for students.  

Poor Richard’s Bookstore and Giftshop, 320 N Tejon St, Colorado Springs, CO, 80903 (Great used selection and connected to coffee shop) 

Poor Richard’s offers a taste of downtown, some gifts for friends, and a large selection of used books. The store is organized by subject with new and used versions mixed together so shoppers can have the ease of selection. If you’re struggling to find your book, the employees have a help and donation desk to search the shelves, backstock and even order the book.  

As I walked around the store, I had my book list in hand and although I stayed in the TAAP program, I was able to find a few of my books that ran cheaper than the flat $22 dollars per credit hour, which helped a little bit. After you’ve found your books, the store is connected to a coffee shop which doubles as a study area. So, if you’re late getting your books (we’ve all been there) then the store helps you get right into your studies.  

Westside Stories, 631 W Colorado Ave (Helpful Staff) 

Westside Stories is the epitome of the small used bookstore, and it has a very helpful staff. The store is small and intimate, but they do have a large selection for such a small space.  

Like Poor Richards, Westside Stories offers used options for their books, but will also assist you if you’re having trouble finding your booklist. As soon as you walk in, you’re greeted by the staff, who are ready to help in your book search. So, if you have trouble finding what you need in a bookstore like me, this is a great option. Their prices are great too!  

Your Favorite Goodwill or Thrift Store (Cheap) 

Small bookstores are great and have helpful staff, but this article is mostly about where to find cheap used books. You can’t do better than a Goodwill or other thrift store, which are scattered around Colorado Springs. While their selection will not be as well organized, they will have some of the best prices and everything is used.  

If you’ve been to a few bookstores and are still hitting bottom with your search, you might find it helpful to peruse your local Goodwill or thrift store, because more often than not, they’ll have it. Cheap books are kind of an empty promise (as we know from TAAP), but there are options for students.  

Lastly, don’t forget to ask your friends or classmates if they have taken a class you’re enrolled in, because they might still have the book. Coordinate with people as often as you can to find the best option that fits you.  

P.S. If anyone is a political science major or minor, believe me; I have you covered with those books and I’m not especially inclined to keep them a part of my permanent collection.  

Photo from Getty Images.