Women’s basketball starts season 2-0 in back-to-back wins 

Dec. 1 vs South Dakota Mines 

UCCS opened with a 5-0 lead against South Dakota Mines on Dec. 1. The Mountain Lions kept a strong defense throughout the game causing many turnovers for Mines scoring 28 points off of turnovers for UCCS.  

UCCS began the second quarter with two steals and finishes the quarter with seven steals total. The Mountain Lions took the lead 41-22 moving into the third quarter. UCCS scored 15 points in fast breaks and went on a 10-point run while pushing Mines to run down the shot clock forcing them to turnover the ball when they ran out of time. UCCS keeps the lead of 58-34 to start the fourth quarter.  

The Mountain Lions continued putting pressure on Mines ending with another six steals in the fourth quarter and caused a turnover to Mines after pushing them to run down the shot clock to three seconds. UCCS went on a 16-point run and played more aggressively getting two charges by #0. #3 brings an impressive play for UCCS by scoring a three-pointer right off the bench. UCCS won 80-43 in a huge victory over Mines.  

#13 Breelyn Robinson advances up the court against South Dakota Mines on Dec. 1. Photo by Lillian Davis. 

#13 Breelyn Robinson was the highest scorer of the game with 19 points followed by #24 Maison White with 11 points and #14 Krystina Hagood with 10 points. White finished as the top leader in rebounds with 14 and one block. #23 Amyah Moore Allen and #10 Mattie Busby both finished with four steals with five other players getting one steal. #21 Sydney Nilles ended with four assists with #22 Mya Wilson, #20 Rylie Ottmann and #13 Breelyn Robinson finishing with three assists.  

Dec. 2 vs Black Hills State University 

After finishing with a win against South Dakota Mines, UCCS took on Black Hills State University on Dec. The Mountain Lions and Yellow Jackets started off with turnovers for both teams within the first two possessions. BHSU went on an 8-0 run before Moore Allen stole the ball with an assist to White to get UCCS their first points of the first quarter.  

Ottmann went to score a three-pointer followed by another steal from Moore Allen and the assist to White for another layup. The first quarter ends 16-14 with BHSU in the lead. UCCS defense became stronger finishing the first half causing seven turnovers for the Yellow Jackets. The Mountain Lions took the lead 33-27 to end the second quarter.  

#5 Guard/ Foward Jessica Nation shoots for a three pointer against Black Hills State. Photo by Taylor Villalpando. 

UCCS built up their momentum starting the third quarter with BHSU unable to score for the first five minutes. Ottmann continued to pick up the pace shooting a three-pointer and make two free throws for UCCS to widen the lead 48-32. The Mountain Lions struggled in the fourth quarter when BHSU went on a 15-4 run within the first seven minutes. BHSU took the lead again 53-52 with less than three minutes left in the game. UCCS quickly gained back and secured the lead when Robinson and Ottmann made both free throws to win 63-57.  

White is the leader with 20 points followed by Ottmann with 14 and Robinson with eight. Nilles ended with four steals with Moore Allen and Robinson right behind with three and two steals respectively. White ended the game with 11 rebounds and two blocks for the Mountain Lions. Robinson ended with free throw percentage of 100% shooting 4-4 and Ottmann with a percentage of 75% shooting 6-8.  

Up Next 

UCCS is now 2-0 in RMAC and will play an exhibition game on Dec. 5 against Air Force. UCCS will compete in back-to-back away games against Colorado Mesa on Dec. 8 and Westminster on Dec. 9.  

#23 Maison White goes up for the score against South Dakota Mines on Dec. 1. Photo by Lillian Davis.