YouSeeCS: The Lincoln Center is a gathering place on old school grounds

     The nostalgic sound of a school bell ringing off in the distance and the hallways of your favorite school can all be relived at a former elementary school on North Cascade. The Lincoln Center was originally Lincoln Elementary from 1948 to when it closed in 2015.  Now, the old District 11 school has been transformed into a charming gathering center for all ages.  

     This space has many food and shopping options for you to choose from depending on your interests or the time of day. Each former classroom has been converted into a shop, brewery or office space. While charm has been added by the new businesses, the original feel and look of the school have been maintained.  

     The bathrooms and the open doors of the classrooms are original. This allows visitors to enjoy the businesses in a place that reminds many people of former days.  

     The concept of having an elementary school converted into a community place is not an uncommon idea. Other places such as Ivywild have converted old schools into gathering spaces too. However, the Lincoln Center works to ensure you still see and feel the nostalgia of being in an elementary classroom.  

     Goat Patch Brewery has an open-air area which can be opened to the outdoors during warmer months. With the open concept of the space, people can move and mingle freely. They also have a big open back patio where you can enjoy a craft beer at their many picnic tables.  

Bar within the Lincoln Center. Photo by Megan Moen.

     Building Three Coffee, located in the center of the space, provides a place for quiet study opportunities and conversations with friends, while offering coffee and tea options for all.  

     If you enjoy fresh baked bread and other café treats, then the Nightingale is for you. At the walk-up bakery you can get sandwiches, loaves of bread and baked goods. 

Nightingale Bread. Photo by Megan Moen.

     The atmosphere of the Lincoln Center has attracted more vendors as the years have gone on. Converting an old elementary school into a center combining the smells, tastes and memories of childhood and adulthood has created a community in a place that is truly meant for it.  

      The Lincoln Center is located at 2727 N. Cascade Ave. and is open every day from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m.