Zach Robbins is one of the new additions to The Scribe staff this fall. Originally from Olympia, WA, he is in his junior year at UCCS and has joined our team as a photographer. He studies Sport Management in the College of Business and is pursuing a minor in Sport Communication. In his free time, Zach will be watching baseball, playing guitar, hiking, or taking more photos. To complement his active lifestyle, he keeps his refrigerator stocked full of Gatorade so he is always ready to go.  

Full of adrenaline and ambition, he lives life spontaneously seeking out new adventures every day. Despite being an athletic stud, Zach doesn’t play any sports at UCCS, but could still probably strike you out on 3 pitches. However, if you want to get on his good side, show up at his doorstep with a tub of Red Vines, a new band to check out, and a neutral density filter because lord knows he needs one.