The Scribe is the oldest organization at UCCS; it was founded in 1966 to inform students at the university of happenings around campus. Although The Scribe has a rich history filled with changes and advancements, our mission as a publication for the students of UCCS has persisted. 

The Scribe transitioned from a weekly print publication to a daily virtual publication during the COVID-19 pandemic. We now publish content on both platforms: on our website daily and in print. Articles and other content are also promoted on various social media platforms. Our online readership has become an important aspect of our organization as we modernize how we reach students.  

We pride ourselves on being the voice of the university: a voice that is from students, for students. Since we are a student-run organization, our content is driven by the perspective of the UCCS student. We aim to create content that targets student readership. 

As with any newspaper publication or journalism organization, The Scribe adheres to journalistic ethics standards and follows several guiding principles to maintain the integrity of the organization.


“The Scribe” did not enter into use until 1980. The UCCS student newspaper has gone by several names which include:

The Cragmor (1966)

Cragmor Crest (1967)

Cragmor News-Dispatch and Cragmor Bluff (1967-1969)

Cragmor Newsletter (1970-1972)

Insight (1972)

UCCS Weekly (1972-1973)

Montage (1974-1975)

UCCS News (1976-1979)

You can read archival issues of the UCCS student newspaper going back to 1966 at Mountian Lion Scholar.

You can view articles from The Scribe’s digital archives as far back as 2009 at the dropdown menu below:

The Scribble

Every year around April Fool’s Day, The Scribe transforms into The Scribble, the satirical version of The Scribe. The tradition of writing satirical articles has existed as long as the UCCS student newspaper has existed. However, “The Scribble” did not first appear until 1981.