SCRIBBLE | Students seen asking Gandalf for directions to University Hall

After running into several wagon trains settling west on the way to University Hall, Janice DeLeon finally asked stopped to ask a grand old wizard for directions.

DeLeon had been exploring the campus for a month before she encountered the fountain of youth and the Ark of the Covenant but was unable to locate her nursing class.

“It’s been a fortnight since I’ve seen another human in this desolate wasteland,” said DeLeon on the corner of Austin Bluffs and Nevada.

DeLeon, guided by the Fellowship of the Three Ringed Binder, set upon a quest to receive above a 3.0 GPA via the attendance grade. She soon found she was in for more trouble than she anticipated when she discovered an evil urban planner had cast a spell that hid University Hall on the other side of the realm.

Being from Alpine Village, DeLeon decided to take a shortcut turned quest in the form of the UCCS trail system, a system that any student could get lost in if they were blindfolded.

DeLeon eventually found her way back to salvation in the form of the Domino’s Pizza off Nevada, where she met a wise old wizard.

Gandalf the Gray told DeLeon that the real University Hall was the friends that she had made along the way, shortly before disappearing into a sewer.

At press time, DeLeon was on top of Pikes Peak searching for her car keys.

Photo courtesy of Screen Rant.