Kristen Brainard       In a split-second situation, being CPR and First Aid certified can save someone’s life. UCCS is making it easier for students to gain these certifications by offering CPR and FirstContinue Reading

Tom Baker        The UCCS Rec Center is reviewing its dress code amid complaints from students about restrictive policies.        Marcus Graves, the facility operations manager, said theContinue Reading

Kate Marlett       Ensembles at UCCS include string orchestras, jazz ensembles and choral music groups who perform as part of the music honors ensembles program through VAPA.        Glen Whitehead has been at UCCS since 2000 and became the music program director inContinue Reading

Caitlyn Dieckmann, Devon Martinez and Annika Schmidt,,       A Freon leak led to the evacuation of the University Center and Kraemer Family Library at 2 p.m. on Thursday. The gas leak occurred after a Freon line was accidentally disconnected during air conditioning servicing, accordingContinue Reading

Cambrea Schrank       Seven bike thefts have been reported on the UCCS campus since Aug. 23, according to university police.        Two of these thefts occurred in Summit Village; the others occurred in or near Alpine Village, according to Detective CorporalContinue Reading