’80s themed escape room event to be held in UC

Caitlyn Dieckmann 

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     Escape the ’80s in an escape room event that will be hosted by the Office of the Dean of Students on Tuesday, Sept. 28 beginning at 5 p.m. in the University Center. Students will have 35 minutes to escape or else they will be trapped in the ’80s.  

     The escape room is the brainchild of Jodyanna Gallegos, a graduate assistant in the Office of the Dean of Students.  

     “I came up with the idea of the escape room by being inspired by UC Premiere night and our department being an ’80s workout theme. I also was inspired by the escape rooms that make you find the code to be able to break out and, of course, ‘Dance Dance Revolution’ being one of the first games I remember playing,” Gallegos said. “Now as for why the ’80s, it is one of my favorite decades especially when it comes to games, movies and music.” 

     Gallegos designed the entire concept of the escape room. She said, “From the puzzles, hints and how the flow of the escape room should look like. I started with the idea of using the dance patterns from ‘Dance Dance Revolution’ being the key to get out the ’80s. Soon I came up with the other puzzles to be from four major themes we know from the decade: workout clothing, music, movies and games.” 

     She also incorporated dance moves into the puzzles. The hardest part for her was decorating the room to make it feel as if participants were truly in the ’80s.  

     “I think there a few surprises that you can look forward to. All I can say is, I hope everyone finds this escape room as much fun as I had putting it together,” Gallegos said.  

     The escape room event has been going on for a few years, according to Gallegos. “It is a great way for our students to get to know our department. It is truly designed for a fun and safe experience for our students on campus.” 

     Gallegos added, “It is our job as prevention and outreach for the Dean of Students to prevent against risky behaviors. We are trying to provide alternative programming for our students to enjoy.”  

     According to the event page on Mountain Lion Connect, if students show up for the escape room dressed in ’80s outfits, three extra minutes will be added to their total time to escape.  

     “You have 35 minutes to escape and 38 if you do dress up! First place [with] the fastest time will receive a lava lamp, fanny pack filled with goodies and a #SmartMovesUCCS travel mug. Second place will receive a fanny pack with some goodies and a travel mug. Third place will receive a fanny pack with goodies,” Gallegos said.  

     Registration for the event is now open and the link to register can be found here.  

Image courtesy of Mountian Lion Connect.