No-shave November brings out the best and hairiest

jack-johnsonErick Rassmussen

Men around campus grow their beards in support of No-shave November.
Participants are encouraged to donate to the American Cancer Society or Locks of Love.

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Nov. 17, 2014

Kyle Guthrie
[email protected]

This November continues a growing trend.

“No-shave November” or “Movember” has become a world-wide initiative and was originally created in Australia for raising awareness of prostate and testicular cancer patients.

During this month, men are encouraged to grow out their facial hair to honor cancer patients who have lost theirs due to chemotherapy.

The participants are then encouraged to donate the money that they saved on grooming supplies to a cancer charity organization of their choice, such as the American Cancer Society or Locks of Love.

Female participants are encouraged to participate as well by growing out the hair on their head, eyebrows or even leg hair in order to promote awareness.

The truly dedicated can shave their heads for funds at St. Baldrick’s or Locks of Love events.

Deidre Fudge, a criminal justice major, believes it’s a good event even if she is not participating.

“I think it’s cool because I think a lot of people can participate in it anyways, and this is another excuse for people to get out there and connect about something,” Fudge said.

Janell Hoff, engineering major, takes a different stance on the topic of shaving.

“I think that you should shave because that’s my personal opinion,” Hoff said. “But it’s a good cause.”

“I would do it, but I look horrible when I don’t shave,” Kyal Lanum said. “So I have to pass. But men should do it because they can still maintain a somewhat normal appearance and help at the same time.”

No-shave November ends on Nov. 31, as participants can shave on Dec. 1. More information can be found at