Administration highlights underused parking spaces, students frustrated

April 20, 2015

Evan Musick
[email protected]

To many students, on-campus parking is nonexistent.

But in the past few years, on-campus parking has expanded and even has lots open that are nearly unknown to students.

Charlotte Gilner, senior international business major, struggles with parking.

“On campus, a nightmare. I don’t even deal with it. I tried to before, and I just couldn’t do it,” Gilner said. “You have to get here super early to get a spot. You get here any later than 9:30, it seems like it’s just impossible.”

Gilner used to own a parking permit, but said it didn’t seem worth it. When asked if she knew of the new lot 103 on the way to University Hall by the greenhouse, she said that she did not.

Although Gilner lives at The Lodges, she said that she will drive to Four Diamonds due to the shuttle taking so long to get to The Lodges. She parks in lot 580, the overflow parking lot North of Four Diamonds.

Students are not allowed to park at University Village Colorado, but Gilner has considered it when parking is sparse. Students who park at UVC may be subject to tickets and their car being towed.

Andrew Schips, senior anthropology major, commutes to UCCS and doesn’t own a parking permit. Schips said he doesn’t own one because a permit is “kind of pricey.” He primarily uses overflow lot 580.

Schips has heard negative things about on-campus parking.

“From what I’ve heard, it’s a mess. It’s really difficult to find spots, and it looks like it stresses a lot of people out, driving around,” he said.

Schips was also unaware of lot 103.

Jim Spice, executive director of Parking and Transportation, was unaware that students are still complaining about no parking spaces being available.

“They’re still saying that?” he said.

Spice explained there are still many spaces that have been observed to be open, for those with commuter passes that are good in yellow lots.

“We continue to see a lot of open spaces in the old lot 6, which is lot 228. So that’s another good place to find parking in yellow areas,” he said.

Lot 228 is just west of the Academic Office Building.

The new lot 103 has 225 spots and is open during peak parking hours between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.

“Lot 103 always has 150 to 200 open parking spaces. So that’s a great lot, great option for those don’t want to buy a yellow permit,” Spice said.

There is a difference between the cost of a yellow permit and an orange permit.

“There’s a pretty significant discount to buy an orange permit over a yellow permit. It’s about a 25 percent discount. And then you’d know you’ve always got a space,” he said.

Although the distance is farther, a shuttle stops at lot 103.

“It does require you do maybe a little bit more walking, especially if you’re going to Columbine, or, grabbing the shuttle bus. The shuttle bus runs every 15 to 20 minutes through that area,” Spice said.

The bus travels between Centennial and University Hall.

Lot 170 at the Lane Center is for orange permits and is frequently open for students as well, according to Spice. Green permits for parking at the Alpine Village parking garage are also an option for commuters in addition to residents.

But Spice mentioned as residents of Alpine Village increase, these open spaces will be open to them, not commuters.

Although more parking is available to students than previous years, Schips said he would still not buy a permit as they still cost too much.