Advice from a freshman athlete: Don’t stress yourself out

May 10, 2016

Hannah Harvey
[email protected]

Scoring a goal on the field or crossing the finish line to help bring your team to the RMAC championship is a fulfilling
moment, but you can’t do it without taking the right steps to get there.

In her first year at UCCS as a student athlete, accounting major and point guard Kelly O’Flannigan has played basketball since high school and just finished her first year on the women’s basketball team.

Basketball can be time consuming since the season spans from October to March, according to O’Flannigan.

“We stay on campus during Thanksgiving break and have a short spring break too, which can take a toll,” said O’Flannigan.

Being busy with school and practice helps time management, said O’Flannigan.

“It comes down after the season is over, but I have a harder time managing homework now that basketball is over,” said O’Flannigan.

Aside from time management, being a student athlete teaches you the importance of taking care of your body. Getting a good amount of sleep is something O’Flannigan said she wished she would’ve done more.

“The number one thing I would go back and change is to get more sleep, because you’re tired all the time,” said O’Flannigan.

For freshman athletes, it is important to remember not to pressure yourself too much, according to O’Flannigan.

“Don’t stress out so much because your team knows you’re a freshman and making an adjustment. Make
friends with all the other sports; it builds a community.”