Advice from Chickie: Limiting screen time

Dear Chickie,  

I have been having a hard time limiting my screen time and it is taking over my academic and social life. Do you have some tips and tricks that you could give me? 



Dear Jane,  

     Thank you for reaching out! And to my readers, thank you for being patient with my slow responses; as you know, I am also in college!  

     Screen time can be a tricky thing. We are so focused on how our social media looks and how we communicate with our peers that we can forget that there is a whole world out there. There are many ways that we can limit our screen time and how we can start to explore the environment outside of the black mirror we keep in our pockets.  

     You should start by checking your screen time data. Make sure you have your phone set up to get weekly screen time reports. This will allow you to monitor yourself and start seeing trends of what apps you use and how much time you spend on your phone or other technology platforms.  

     Once you understand the time you spend and the main platforms you spend it on, you can start to set up locks on certain apps and do not disturb timers. Once those are set up, you need to try your best to follow them.  

     Another way to limit your screen time is to find hobbies that you enjoy that do not use your phone or computer. You can develop these if you make a list of what you enjoy. This could be reading, hiking, biking, working out, cooking—really anything that brings you joy and gets you out into the world.  

     Once you begin engaging in these activities and spending time away from your phone, it should become easier to redirect that energy into work or schoolwork or spending time with friends. 

     Knowing how to communicate outside of our black mirrors in our hands is what will help you strive. Creating boundaries for yourself will not only teach you how to respect yourself but also how to respect other peoples’ boundaries.  

     Screen time is something that we cannot escape in the world that we live in, but being able to look within yourself and see where you need to adapt will teach many lessons and expand your knowledge of yourself and the world around you!  

Your friend,