BAC changes club funding for 2023 fiscal year 

During the end of the spring semester, the Budget Advisory Committee changed how clubs need to apply for funding and made a few other funding guideline-related changes for the 2023 fiscal year.  

SGA co-advisor Noelle San Souci said every club and organization that applies for funding, especially for travel, is affected by these updates to the guidelines. 

The changes now require clubs to secure funding at least two weeks in advance if it is going toward event costs. Exceptions may be made within the first four weeks of the fall semester. 

Changes to club requests now allow a maximum of $3,000 per year for events, programming and durable goods and an additional $3,000 per year for travel. This represents a $1,000 increase in travel funds from 2022.  

San Souci said funding was moved to a sliding scale model, which means the amount of funding a club will recieve from each category fluctuates based on certain circumstances. The combined total for both types of requests cannot exceed $4,000. 

San Souci said the extra $1,000 in travel funds allows clubs to attend more events, conferences and games as well as cover more of the cost for participants. Travel funding can be used to cover airfare, lodging, group transportation and meal reimbursement. 

A club can recieve an additional $1,000 if SGA approves a request by BAC to allocate additional funding from the Carry Forward Fund, which consists of unspent funding from the Student Activity Fee from previous fiscal years. The maximum amount of funding a club or organization can recieve with this additional request is $5,000.  

Another change requires clubs to provide BAC with documentation on the outcome of an event or strip within thirty days of their funding approval. The document must include records of photos, written impact statements and the number of students who attended the event and any other relevant information. 

San Souci noted an additional change that allows clubs to request the total cost of non-durable clothing items for the purpose of promoting events to UCCS students. Equipment and uniforms used for club sports will be considered durable goods. 

To receive funding, clubs must do the following: 

  • Submit a SGA funding proposal form on Mountain Lion Connect along with an itemized budget and quotes for the cost of each item. 
  • Be registered with the Student Life Office, or club sports with Campus Recreation, and have all funded activities open to all students. 
  • Attend a BAC meeting after submitting the proposal. 

If  the proposal is approved, clubs will have access to funds the next day. Clubs can present to the senate if the proposal is denied. 

All clubs and organizations are able to attend the spring meeting where the BAC changes the funding guidelines for the next year. 

Additional funds outside of BAC or SGA can be found through Club Cash or the President’s fund. Club Cash allocates $100 for clubs to use on small expenses. The President’s fund is for club activites that promote student professional development, enhance the university’s community knowledge or relate to diversity. 

Students can visit SGA’s website or email [email protected] for more information on the BAC funding guidelines. 

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