Basketball playoffs to begin, support teams in the right way

March 2, 2015

Scribe Staff
[email protected]

Sports can unify a group, organization or even a country. They can also divide.

March 3 will see UCCS host at least one RMAC quarterfinal basketball game. The women are assured to host at least one game of the tournament, while the men need only win one game over the weekend of Feb. 27 to ensure they host as well.

It is likely that both teams will move on to the semifinal on March 6 and perhaps the final of the tournament on March 7. The likely locations for all of these games are either on campus or at a site easy to attend.

That means student support will be in full, unbridled force.

As it should be.

UCCS has struggled to have a reliably successful sport to cheer for. And until recently, the support of the student body has not been impressive enough to have a significant impact.

But that has changed.

The unique thing about sports is their ability to bring a group together. And as a commuter campus, we need as much of that as we can.

So go to the games, show your support. Any of the players will tell you they love and crave the backing of their fellow students. Both teams will need student support to be as successful as they can be.

Athletic Director Steve Kirkham knows it.

Head coaches Jeff Culver and Shawn Nelson know it.

The players know it.

Clyde knows it.

All of these people (and mascots) know the impact, the force that a loud student body can become, especially in a condensed basketball arena. A team, even if outmatched, can be pulled through the door of success by a boisterous support base.

And you can make that happen. Become the unified support the teams need.

But remember that you represent yourself, your school and your team when you are at the games. Remember the difference between proper cheering or heckling techniques and stupidity.

Don’t be drunk, people can tell. Don’t cross the line between creative and abusive heckling, people will hear.

Do be loud. Do be inspired. Do band together, not as engineering or business students, but as UCCS students in support of successful basketball teams that represent our school.

These athletes are deserving of your support. They have given the school athletic excitement that it hasn’t seen in years.

Give them that support, but make sure you give it responsibly.