Being a ‘try-hard’ is a good thing

March 31, 2020

Ever since I was in elementary school, I have strived to put full effort into almost all my actions. Though it may have earned me academic success, it did not gain me any favor with my peers. 

I was constantly labelled a “try-hard.” I despised being called this name and even tried to act more relaxed to counteract this description. As I grew, I realized something: being a try-hard is good thing. 

 There is a stigma today, especially among young people, that if you have a go-getter attitude,you are not cool. This may stem from the fact that putting in effort or acting like you care about something deviates from what is considered fun and relaxing. 

  I have never understood that logic. In my opinion, when you put in full effort in your life you will find the most success. To me, being a try-hard is working hard in different aspects of your life. This attitude can be applicable in more than just the academic area. 

  Especially for students first coming into college, not pursuing your interests because of fear about what others may say about it is irrational and, frankly, sad. As you enter college, you should be working hard to find out what your interests are inside and outside of the classroom. 

 Finding academic success, discovering new interests and feeling a sense of accomplishment are benefits of having a hard-working mindset. 

 A lot of people worry about how others will perceive their actions and what others think of them, but living your life to please others is not a healthy or positive way to live. If you concern yourself with the concerns of others, you may never discover what truly makes you happy. 

 Accepting that you are working hard in your life is something to be celebrated, not something to feel ashamed of. Being a try-hard shows that you are trying to figure out your interests, and you might find something you are passionate about in the process. 

 So the next time you are worried that you are acting like a try-hard, continue to work hard and do what you love because, in the end, the only thing that should matter is becoming the best version of yourself and not being defined by others’ labels. 

 Though I may have struggled with this term in the past, I am proud to call myself a try-hard, and I am proud of all the things I have done in my life as a result of it.