Black History Month events happening in February

     Abraham Lincoln. Frederick Douglass. Both are incredibly famous and revered names in American history, but what do they have in common?  

     Many may know that each of these men were groundbreaking abolitionists during the Antebellum Period but perhaps less people would know that both were born during the month of February (Feb. 12 and 14, respectively). 

     Since 1970, February has been an annual reminder and commemoration of Black history, also known as African American History month. At UCCS, the MOSAIC and the LGBTQ+ Resource Center will be holding events in honor of Black History Month.  

     The event schedule will be updated through Mountain Lion Connect, where students can find event information. 

Graphic by Megan Moen.

     Maria Bynes, the event and programming assistant for MOSAIC, said that the “Black History Month Kickoff” will be happening for certain but added, “other events are tentative because of COVID restrictions.” The university not allowing any large in person events until at least Feb. 14. 

     Here’s a glimpse of some opportunities to celebrate Black History Month at UCCS. 

Black History Month Kickoff  

     Organized by Bynes, students are welcome to visit the University Center to decorate the MOSAIC Office in honor of Black History Month. Other decorations will be put up by staff, while other crafting session will be held, such as painting magnets. This event will be held on Feb. 2 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the MOSAIC office. 

Evolving Language Series (Black American or BIPOC?)   

     Organized and led by community outreach coordinator Irina Amouzou, this event will showcase a panel of qualified individuals within the UCCS Community.  

     According to Bynes, this includes professors and other community members with specialized interest and insight on “the experience of people of color on campus and educating members on how to be a good ally.”  

     Students are also encouraged to ask the panelists questions during this language series. This event will be held on Feb. 7 from 5-6:30 p.m. in a hybrid format. 

      There are other opportunities to learn from, take inspiration from and support the Black community that extend beyond the month of February through MOSAIC and student organizations such as Black Student Union. BSU organizes events for students; more information can be found on their Instagram, @bsu_uccs. 

     If you would like to stay connected with MOSAIC, you can follow their social media handles, @uccs_mosaic on Instagram and UCCS MOSAIC on Facebook, and sign up for their email newsletter.