Book prices at UCCS Bookstore make no sense

Feb. 16, 2015

Nooh Alrashid
[email protected]

The typical student works hard to study in a good university and gain the education that guarantees better opportunities in the future.

Along with studying, students often have one or more jobs to pay for their education. Aside from tuition, buying textbooks is an expensive part of being a student.

The UCCS bookstore is supposed to save students the time and energy from buying their books at other places, but their prices are so high it doesn’t seem to be saving students much at all.

I did some research on the internet to compare textbook prices.

Science books often cost more than others. Molecular Cell Biology seventh edition is sold new at the UCCS bookstore for $204.50 and used for $153.40. For the very same book, you can purchase it new for $169.98 and use for $113.24 at online sellers.

This is a huge difference in prices. Students are paying a lot extra to buy books at the campus bookstore.

Another book that I looked up is Organic Chemistry eighth edition. It is sold new for $269.95 and used for $199.95. The same book is sold online for $229.32 new and $161.61 used.

That’s another huge price difference, and I could go on with examples.

It is insane to waste unnecessary money on the books sold on campus if I can get them cheaper from other sources.,, and more are great alternative sources for book shopping. I also found that buying used books is a great option, too.

The UCCS bookstore needs to stop this nonsense policy about their books prices.

They have to stop taking advantage of us.

They need to consider students who cannot afford crazy high prices for books.

The university needs to take action toward this crisis and make changes. The bookstore can make more profit if they would match outside prices. Then students would actually want to purchase books on campus rather than going elsewhere.