BSU and ASA recognize their community during Black History Month

Anjo Cunningham, president of the Black Student Union, and Mekdes Moudjeh, president of the African Student Association, find meaning in Black History Month by honoring Black individuals from the past and looking at the present.

Cunningham considers Black History Month to be their “spotlight moment.” BSU prides themselves on amplifying Black voices on campus.

“BSU is my family, my best friends,” Cunningham said. Their meetings are a time of being with their community and sharing their appreciation for each other. Cunningham says that BSU is a second home to anyone, no matter who they are or where they are from.

ASA differs from BSU as a club where the African community is brought together to learn more about shared culture through practices like dances and food. “We focus on Africa as a continent, and deep dive on the cultures and economy,” Moudjeh said.

Similarly to BSU, ASA honors important African-American figures that have shaped the U.S. to be more accepting of Black lives. ASA also looks at those in Africa who are working to promote activism.

MOSAIC and BSU partnered together for the MLK Days kickoff, helping to delegate the events. The club is always looking for entertaining events to share their voice on campus.

Cunningham and Moudjeh spend time creating presentations and teaching their members about members of the Black community who’ve worked to make equality what it is becoming today. Learning about their predecessors and current activists for Black history is what these clubs find most important about Black History Month.

This year BSU, ASA, and the Black Sisterhood club had a large impact on campus after the Creating a Respectful and Open World for Natural Hair Act was passed in 2020. The clubs brought in speakers to teach more about Black hair care to the community.

BSU and ASA use Black History Month as a way to expand their voice and activism for Black lives. “We are important,” Moudjeh said. “We need to come together and really tell each other how important we all are in each way.”

BSU and ASA are bringing the celebration of Black appreciation to UCCS’s ROAR Daze, April 8-13. Events will include BSU’s fifth largest annual event: Black Excellence, an award ceremony to recognize members of the Black community. ASA will continue the celebration with their recurring Journey to Africa event, where they will use dance, fashion and food to showcase African culture.

Photo via UCCS Photography Database.