Campus Chatter

Sept. 16, 2013

Attiana Collins
[email protected]

What new fall shows are you looking forward to?

Anni Pettis, senior, physical therapy

“I’m not watching any new shows. I’m really looking forward to ‘Sons of Anarchy.’ I really like the show and I want to know what happens after the end of last season.”

Jonathan Wilkes, freshman, chemistry

“I’m looking forward to the new season of ‘How I Met Your Mother.’ It’s the final season. After like eight years, they finally showed the mother at the end of the last season, and now I want to see how it happens.”

Brian Sullivan, freshman, mechanical engineering

“The one I’m most looking forward to is the Marvel ‘SHIELD’ TV show. It’s Marvel. I want to see how they manage to do it.”

Courtney Wilkins, junior, psychology

“I wasn’t planning on starting any new ones. I’m looking forward to ‘NCIS,’ ‘Criminal Minds’ – anything that I’m really interested in.”