Campus Chatter

Oct. 7, 2013

Monika Reinholz
[email protected]

Do you eat on campus? If so, where and why? If not, how come?

Ashleigh Hodges, sophomore, biology

No, I’m not a fan of cafeteria food. It’s kind of expensive. Don’t you usually have to buy a meal card?”

Nick Holley, senior, mechanical engineering

I do. I like to eat upstairs at Café ’65 because they have good sandwiches. I also like to eat at Clyde’s because they have a little more selection.”

Kimberly Battle, sophomore, psychology

I go to Clyde’s a lot because I’m usually at the pool tables, so it’s convenient, or I’ll go to Café ’65. Food’s good.”

Merrick Gomez, freshman, communication

Yes. I eat at the café in the University Center because it’s convenient to go after class for a quick bite.”