Campus Chatter

Oct. 31, 2011

Molly Mrazek
[email protected]

The Scribe is meant to be a voice of students, so we thought we should check in and see if you think the Scribe is covering what you think it should cover. Here’s what a few of you had to say.

Kylie Garcia

Sophomore, Health Sciences

What do you think the Scribe should be covering?

Local things going on at the school for the most part: any events usu­ally going on and just kind of some news for Colorado Springs, too.”

What would you like to see in the Scribe?

Things that interest the students for the most part. That way we open it up and it’s different than a Colorado Springs newspaper or something.”

What did you like in the Scribe issues that you’ve read?

They usually give good information for what’s going on in the school. Sometimes I’d like to see a little bit more of the small things that are going on, that way I know more of what’s going on on campus and everything.”

Jenny Ishida

Junior, Psychology

What do you think the Scribe should be covering?

I think if the university could cover academic events, a lot of academic-pertaining events that would, you know, help people actually get started on their career. So, like, the career fair for example is something going on that’s probably covered in the Scribe, but if it’s not, then it should, ‘cause the focus of being in college is to kind of go on your pathway to a career.”

What would you like to see in the Scribe?

Honestly, from the content I saw, it was purely opinion, purely extracurricular. There was very little subject I was actually interested in. I’d like to see more interviews with established students or professors, or even not established students. Like this you know, kinda letting us know what other students think. Inspirational, motivational stories are the best because then that actually motivates people to go on and make something out of their college career. I see a lot of people who just kinda wander around aimlessly not really knowing where they want to go and being really quiet. They don’t talk to anybody. So, in the one [Scribe] that I did read it was just mostly about, like, “Look at this ski trip happening. These people should or shouldn’t have sex. This event’s going on where you can meet lots of friends.” You know, it wasn’t anything I was truly interested in. I’m a big motivational speech person. I like hear­ing all about that.”

What have you seen that you did like in the Scribe?

I like some of the comedy pictures. It does interest me to see a funny picture here and there because I don’t read a newspaper that’s purely just informational. Like those little “Firefoxes crashed.” That was cute. I think I see it all the time. What I really want to know about is maybe upcoming changes to university policy and maybe IT changes before it actually happens. Like there was something about Mozilla Firefox being taken off some of the computers. I have no idea why, and I can’t get an answer out of anybody. That’s the newspaper’s job to figure that out. So, if I knew that I could find relevant and timely updates, then I might pick up the newspaper more often.”