Campus Chatter

May 7, 2012

Lucas Hampton
[email protected]

With the semester slowing its steps, students – in between sleeping and studying for finals – are able to reflect on the passing year . Hopefully, in those rare moments of relief, some students have already begun to set the semester aside and start making summer plans.

Kyle Popish
English, Senior

What are your plans for the summer?

Working at AAA here in town. I’m graduating, or I would take summer classes.”

Will you see your family?

Maybe for a little bit, if I can get a weekend off. They live in Carbondale, Colo.”

How are you feeling about graduation?

I’m excited, but it is sad that it is over, the undergraduate portion. I just loved all my classes. I’m coming back for grad school, for public admin, think. I hope to get accepted.”

Erin Jones
Health and Wellness Promotion, Sophomore

What are your plans for the summer?

Hopefully working here at the bookstore, I’ve been working here the past few semesters. I don’t think I’m going to take summer classes; I want to take the summer off. I may go up to Denver a few times with my boyfriend, but that’s about it.”

Do you plan on seeing your family?

I live with my parents.”

How do you feel about the semester ending?

I am very excited! It is not a very fun semester, I guess, as far as classes go. It is just one of those semesters where I want it to be over. I’m finishing up my schedule now [for next semester] and I think it should be good.”

Matt Hand
Engineering, Freshman

What are your plans for the summer?

I’m going to revisit some old friends of mine – some old friends from high school – play some golf, maybe make a road trip somewhere, longboard for sure … and drink a lot!”

How do you feel now that the semester is almost over?

I’m so relieved; this semester has been really tough, really tough for everybody, and I’m really glad to get a chance to get away from it all and get an apartment somewhere and get off campus.”

Ryan Wilkinson
Freshman, Electrical Engineering

What are your summer plans?

I plan to get a job and to chill with friends that I haven’t seen in many months. Maybe go to a hookah bar. I’ll probably spend a few days with my family in Strasburg, Colo. … my cousins are [also] coming down, so I’ll probably see them, [and] I’ll probably be moving down here in mid June or early July.”

How do you feel now that the semester is almost over?

I [am] just so excited about not having any homework or classes to go to. I can just stay out here and have fun. I love the college life, but just not the classes.”