Campus Chatter

Nov. 18, 2013

Eleanor Skelton
[email protected]

What kind of stores would you like to see open in University Village and what stores do you visit there now?

Kimberly Southcott, sophomore, nursing

A Starbucks because I think it’s silly that there is no coffee shop in the University Village. Actually, preferably not Starbucks, but like a small local coffee shop. I currently enjoy their selection of restaurants.”

Kevin Boyer, senior, political science

I’d like if there was an REI closer than the one that’s already way up on Academy … That’s really all I need is an REI. [I like] Tokyo Joe’s. Yes, it’s wonderful. And Chipotle. It’s my heaven.”

Keegan Sullivan, senior, computer science

I would like to see a Best Buy or some kind of electronic store that’s not the Apple store. I go to Smashburger, the Chipotle, occasionally the Noodles [& Company] and even rarer, the Kohl’s.”

Brian Rogers, senior, chemistry

More good food, especially affordable food. Certainly electronics would be a good idea, too, [like] Best Buy or Entertainmart. I go to Costco, Chipotle and Tokyo Joe’s.”