Campus Chatter

Nov. 18, 2013

Eleanor Skelton

What kind of stores would you like to see open in University Village and what stores do you visit there now?

Kimberly Southcott, sophomore, nursing

A Starbucks because I think it’s silly that there is no coffee shop in the University Village. Actually, preferably not Starbucks, but like a small local coffee shop. I currently enjoy their selection of restaurants.”

Kevin Boyer, senior, political science

I’d like if there was an REI closer than the one that’s already way up on Academy … That’s really all I need is an REI. [I like] Tokyo Joe’s. Yes, it’s wonderful. And Chipotle. It’s my heaven.”

Keegan Sullivan, senior, computer science

I would like to see a Best Buy or some kind of electronic store that’s not the Apple store. I go to Smashburger, the Chipotle, occasionally the Noodles [& Company] and even rarer, the Kohl’s.”

Brian Rogers, senior, chemistry

More good food, especially affordable food. Certainly electronics would be a good idea, too, [like] Best Buy or Entertainmart. I go to Costco, Chipotle and Tokyo Joe’s.”