Campus Chatter

Oct. 14, 2013

Eleanor Skelton
[email protected]

What have professors told you that have made you want to rebel?

Iwalani Wolff, sophomore, communication

I’ve had a professor tell me that if I don’t start my readings right after class I won’t get them done in the week, and it made me not want to do my readings at all. It was kind of a lot of readings, but I did manage to do it in … the two days before. And he basically just tried to get us to do all our work the day of class and stay afterwards and do it and it definitely made me leave right after class. I did not want to do any of the work for that class.”

Racquel Lintner, senior, psychology

So one of my professors said that we shouldn’t congratulate people when they get pregnant because they didn’t really do anything except have sex, and it made me want to congratulate every person I know that’s pregnant.”

Preston Petermeier, second-year master’s student, history

I guess I had a couple of classes in my undergrad where you could tell the teacher was either very liberal or very conservative and they would say this is a fact, this is how it goes, and then it’s kind of their opinion and half the class disagrees with that opinion. It’s just one of those political aspects … At first, I would write [papers] on my own belief, and once I saw feedback from that, then I tried to have a more neutral paper. As long as I was neutral and I had points for both sides, I had better results from that.”