Campus Chatter

Sept. 23, 2013

April Wefler
[email protected]

Do you download or stream on campus; if so, what?

Amber Wilson, junior, organizational and strategic communication
“I live on campus. YouTube videos, I subscribe to channels. Netflix, ‘Scandal’ or ‘How I Met Your Mother.'”

A.J. Albaaj, freshman, engineering
“Netflix, YouTube, Pandora, Spotify, Watching sports, listening to music, watching videos. I’m starting to realize I don’t need the Internet with these LARPers. So many…’The League,’ ‘Breaking Bad,’ ‘How I Met Your Mother.’ I watch a bunch of movies.”

Queen Nwoke, junior, nursing
“I stream Netflix, YouTube, sometimes I use Hulu. Sometimes I download music off of iTunes. ‘New Girl,’ ‘Scandal,’ ‘Prison Break.’ I’m trying to get into ‘Breaking Bad.'”